Terri Boling

Terri Boling

There are several possible areas for great energy and accomplishment in this movement of feeling and energy but there are areas where guys can open by themselves up for destruction.

So, just what does all of this have to do with all the proven fact that prostitutes do not kiss. It's this (and much more). She doesn't surrender by herself when she is opened by her legs to you, she offers up herself whenever she opens her mind and thoughts to you--when she lets you plug into her heart.

Being a medical pupil, we learned of the type of syphilis that infects the mind. When this occurs, the pupil will not answer light (be smaller) but does respond whenever emphasizing an object that moves from far to near (accommodation). The secret for remembering this modification due to neurosyphillis is the fact that pupil accommodates but will not respond (as does a prostitute that is at risk for syphilis).

So, the prostitute accommodates your penis and your simple idea that when you put your penis inside of her that now you are a man that is powerful. But, she will not REACT to you, she just ACTS for you. She becomes an actress so that you could imagine your self powerful and then go out as warrior and fight your battles.
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Once I have had a lover who has in the past worked as a prostitute, i've been fascinated to see her get from having trouble also having an orgasm to eventually begging me to just take more of her because with my using she becomes more liberated and finds a much deeper freedom AND an even more intense pleasure from sex and life. She begins to know a surrender that is total while the connection between intercourse, and like, and Jesus.

Therefore, whenever a prostitute or any woman spreads her legs for you, then yes you'll indulge in the play. You are able to get to be the actor and then continue that warrior behave as you head out to your business.

However when this woman is hungry to kiss you, and begs you to just take a lot more of her thoughts, aches that she has surrendered for you to know more of her because in your knowing you bring new energy to her bedroom and to her walking about the earth outside the bedroom--then you will know with her kiss.

Then you will venture out into the entire world the warrior that is true the real knight that has currently relinquished his or her own life, placed it as a sacrifice to your calling, and taking your spouse's passion as the gas that gives you energy for the sacrifice for our planet.

Leonardo da Vinci stated that most people spend their life converting food into dung. That's it. When you've got a mission that is fueled by a genuine kiss, you will be aware the hatred of others, maybe you are threatened, you may lose your physical life, but you'll know real love, true success, and can experience a real kiss.
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